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The Bible teaches that when God wants to work miracles, He often starts small. Christian's Place Mission started with the donation of a $2.38 canned ham. 


​In October 2008, Carole Newman assumed the role of pianist for Nauvoo United Methodist Church. Nauvoo, once a bustling community, had lost its grocery store and public transportation, leaving its residents in a challenging situation. Witnessing the pressing needs of the community, Carole felt a deep calling from the Holy Spirit to make a difference. In December, she shared a canned ham with a single family, marking the humble beginnings of Christian's Place Mission.


Today, Christian's Place Mission is a vibrant ministry serving the people of Nauvoo, Alabama and the neighboring counties. We provide essential support to underserved communities, particularly significant in an area without a grocery store within an 18-mile radius. Every third Saturday of the month, our dedicated volunteers engage in various activities, including offering prayers, assembling food packages, loading cars with groceries, toiletries, and school supplies, and assisting with the clothes closet. These services are indispensable to a community lacking even the most basic amenities.


Last year, Christian's Place Mission served an average of 450 individuals each month, distributed over 2,500 bags of groceries, and provided enough food for 15,000 meals.

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