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It all started with a $2.39 canned ham and faith. All of us who have read the Gospels know the parable about having faith the size of a mustard seed, and the story of five loaves and two fishes. We know the covenant of seed time and harvest; part of the promise God made to Noah when he opened the door of the ark.  These principles were taught in the stories of our childhood.

We can see God's love working. This are was once a prosperous mining community that has now seen most of its economic opportunities slip away. The local United Methodist Church is over 100 years old, and though the congregation is small, their faith is large. The plight of many of its neighbors is grim. Hunger and poverty are commonplace. Christian's Mission Place has made it possible for thousands of otherwise hungry people to eat. The church is in great need of repair. It is the only beacon of hope for many in the area.

Christian's Place Mission is the story of one woman faith and one man's belief in those principles. Two friends found themselves confronted with a new opportunity to serve God and to see His promises in action. In November 2008, Carole Newman agreed to play piano for her friend, Pastor Roger Watkins' church service at the small Nauvoo United Methodist Church in Nauvoo, Alabama. That simple act was the beginning of our ministry. On Christmas 2008, that small can of ham, and a can of vegetables from another friend, fed one family.  A single bag of groceries can provide 3 meals for a family of two.  As of December 2016, our Non-profit has fed 24,171 people.


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